violins & VIOLas & VIOLONCELLos

An atelier of violin maker on Malá Strana

My name is Petr Zdražil. You will find me in a historical center of Prague, on Malostranské náměstí. I build new instruments, restore them, rent them and also do professional assesments. Due to long term experience and practice, I can help you to find and pick an instrument best suited to you, regardless of whether you are a professional or a student that is just joining the industry. I will even gladly help you if you are not a professional musician and just have a music as a hobby.

I`ll make an instrument according to your request, may it be a replica of a historic instrument or anything else  and I`ll make it with great sound and antiquity.

I will repair any wear, damage or shortcomings. With professional skill, I will restore any instrument to its original condition, visually and audibly.

I will expertly asses your instrument`s origin, age and estimated price and upon request, I will provide a certificate.

If you wish to borrow a violin, viola or violoncello, I will help you to choose one from my current offers. I offer short-term, in case you aren`t able to use your own instrument from any reason or long-term according to your needs.

I also offer: strings, instrument cases for every type of string instrument, bows, tuners and more. Everything that I offer are products that I have tested and use myself. I only sell quality products.

Petr Zdražil


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